Introduction of various models

Suitable for your car

Our travel company provides a variety of car-chartered travel services, and can choose vehicles with different seats and guest services according to the needs of different people. Whether it is a vacation trip or a business trip, we can meet the requirements of the guests. From cars, RV, VIP 9-seater vans, 4-8-seater luxury commercial vehicles. Can be arranged for you. Airport transfers, business meetings, vacation travel arrangements

Bangkok's characteristic tuk tuk tuk tuk specially trained drivers take guests to various attractions of early Chinese ruins. Our well-designed routes can take 2 hours to visit Bangkok's Chinatown in a focused manner.

Suitable for 2-3 people, the best choice for free travel and self-guided travel for small bourgeoisie. Cooperate with professional training drivers who travel with tourists for a long time to provide travel services

Luxury 5-seater RV, equipped with on-board charging equipment and comfortable seats, spacious VIP RV, suitable for couples or small families on vacation and travel charters. Suitable for short- and long-distance customized travel,

The high-end luxury 9-seater nanny car provides comfortable air conditioning and advanced audio equipment. It is professionally driven and has a good understanding of the characteristics of tourist attractions around the world.


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